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Metal Pin Pusher spare pin

$2.00 $3.00

Made from high quality solid stainless steel...

Pliers for Curving Spring Bars

$11.00 $21.00

Some watches and watch straps require curved spring bars to be fitted, this is a tool to help in bending standard straight spring bars with a slight radius curve.Made from solid stainless steel and fi..

Spring Bar Pin Removal Tool (1058)

$10.00 $14.00

This is a great little tool to have which helps you easily change your watch strap.The wider width of the fork is great for changing leather and rubber watch straps. However, please note that for meta..

Standard Diameter Replacement Watch Strap Spring Bars

$2.00 $4.00

These are quality standard size spring bar pins supplied in a pack of 3 pieces. Spring bars are used to fit a watch strap to your watch.Main Body Diameter: 1.78mm Tip Diameter: 0.8mm&nb..

WatchGecko Flexible Wrist Measuring Band

$3.00 $5.00

This is our WatchGecko flexible wrist measuring tool. It is designed to easily and accurately measure the size of your wrist. Made from tough tear-resistant synthetic material so can be used again and..

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